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2019 Project AWARE® Highlights

Project AWARE

Project AWARE began in the late 1980s as an ocean conservation project. Its core beginning was an environmental ethic initiated by the PADI. It has since become a  separate worldwide non-profit organization comprised of passionate individuals and dive organizations. These amazing people are dedicated to preserving the aquatic environment through a variety of means. Project AWARE is currently focusing on advancing policies on Plastic Debris and Sharks & Rays. We are focusing on a reef here in Aqaba that is home to the Underwater Military Museum.

We invite our guests to connect their passion for scuba diving with the purpose of marine conservation to create lasting change. Join us for a dive clean up and help us keep the Gulf of Aqaba clean. You’ll have a great time with us and create amazing memories.


Join Us!

Become part of the solution and join us for a dive cleanup! We love having our guests involved in Project AWARE with us. Why not consider a PADI Specialty Course in Project AWARE? 

Upcoming Events

Watch here for our upcoming events. We will inform you of dive cleanups and night dives you can join.

King Abdullah Helping Cleanup Efforts

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